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Best Private Hospital in Lucknow

Nova Hospital is in the heart of the city, the city of Nawabs. This multispecialty hospital is a 100 bedded hospital with best-in-class health care services and facilities. Nova is the best hospital in Lucknow when it comes to providing services in reasonable figures and affordable by every class in society.

The hospital is committed to provide comprehensive, seamless facilities and services to its patients. A world class health care services are integrated and planned under on roof. Our hospital is spearheaded by experts and trained doctors of the city. Our cost-effective facilities to all classes in the society is a major boost in Lucknow to track down the patients and help them recover.  With world class infrastructure and best equipment facility are the key factors giving best private hospital in Lucknow title. Hospital provides the round the clock services, treatments, emergency, with 27*7 availability of doctors. Nova is working day and night to keep of track of patients and taking care of emerging requirements during this challenging time. Covid broke the proper functionality of many hospitals in the city, where one is occupied with covid patients and black fungus, and others are occupied with rising emergency cases in the city. Relaxing the current situation and lockdown situation, our panel of doctors can easily be contacted via online platforms. India is gearing up for reaching a million doses, witnessing the major difference in the history. Administering covid-19 vaccines though could take time reach individuals of rural and cater to all above 18+ in urban areas is challenging. But this is being achieved by continuous efforts of front-line workers in collaboration with Government. Having vaccination is a voluntary decision of an individual, However, this is advisable to take the jab of vaccines to fight against the deadly virus. There are people in the city and in India as well who did not get physically affected with virus, but they more psychologically affected, resulting in deterioration of their health. Nova hospital is working towards creating awareness for the covid symptoms, treatments, when to consult a doctor, who can take their first jab of vaccination and when they are advised to maintain a gap after recovering from covid. Nova is kept on updating the information about covid in the city, and this is the time when the situation can easily be controlled in the city with number of cases declining per day in the city. We had witnessed the higher number of cases with the cases declining as well in the city, this is high time when everyone should take their first jab before we get hit by third wave. Nova being the best private hospital in Lucknow is dedicatedly working to bring awareness among people, as Jab Vaccine lagwaega Lucknow, tabhi to muskuraega Lucknow!!!!

Vaccination drives are carried by government free of cost just to ease them and making sure that everyone get their share of Jab. Nova Hospital, though not so the covid care facility but we have put in our best efforts to make the society aware of what is right, wrong, or just a myth.

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