Varicose veins

Varicose Veins often known as varicoses or varicosities, occurs when your veins become enlarged, swollen, dilated and overfilled with blood. They typically appear raised in reddish or bluish color. Sometimes they are painful. This condition is common among women of 25 years of age. As a percentage we have 25% of adults have varicose veins but not every time they need treatment. In most of the instances, varicose veins appear on the lower legs. Primarily there are two types of varicose veins present. First, there are veins which may or may not be painful. Secondly, there are veins that are present as spider veins.

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Women’s Health

Obesity has a strong genetic component that comes from one generation to another, another cause is food availability, food addictions, certain medications and sedentary lifestyle often leads to obesity at an extensive rate. Obesity is one the biggest lifestyle disorder that the world is facing. Weight gain and obesity is related with many other metabolic syndromes like blood pressure, thyroid, elevated blood sugar and poor blood lipid profile. Many researches are being done to reach to the root cause of treating this weigh gain. Weight gain is also a result of food eating habits and behavior, and many people could not get control over it. Although, overeating is related to many genetics and hormones where people are simply disposed-off for gaining weight. Obesity raises the bar of higher risk of diabetes and coronary artery diseases in women.

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How To Manage Childhood Asthma

The lungs and airways become inflamed easily in childhood asthma and allergy especially when exposed to certain types of triggers such as catching a cold, inhaling airborne pollen or any other respiratory infection. There is as such no difference between asthma in children or adults. Unfortunately, asthma has no cure, and its symptoms may continue even when the grow up. But with proper care and the right treatment and taking care of the asthma causes, the problem can be kept under control, and the damage to lungs can be prevented.

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