NOVA Hospital is committed to fulfill our patient’s /attendant’s

1. Right to dignity and privacy during examination, treatment and medical procedures.
2. Right to be educated about nature of treatment, benefits, possible risks, complications and alternatives.
3. Right to information about possible benefits of treatment and possible risk, if not treated.
4. Right to request that care plan is prepared or modified as per patient’s or attendant’s desire.
5. Right of respect and consideration of their spiritual & cultural need.
6. Right to safety, that includes safety from physical abuse, neglect, repeated internal examinations etc.
7. Right to confidentiality and non disclosure of patient’s private information without consent.
8. Right to refuse treatment and right to get discharged from the hospital.
9. Right to informed consent, before any invasive or high risk procedure, or high risk treatment like blood transfusion, general anesthesia, invasive procedure or Chemotherapeutic medication is done.
10. Right to get information about how to lodge complaint.
11. Right to lodge complaint about hospital facilities, services, staff behavior and right to grievance settlement.
12. Right to prompt information about expected cost of treatment.
13. Right to uniform medical care irrespective of caste, creed, color, sex, region, religion or ward rate.
14. Right to see patient and know about patient’s health status, access to patient’s diagnostic results and clinical record.
15. Right to education regarding preventive healthcare aspects, drug-food interaction, Blood donation, organ donation, immunization, Periodic health checkup
16. Right to know about patient’s health status and health care needs after discharge, including precautions, medications, dietary and life style advice, and advice for medical emergency.


NOVA Hospital and its staff believe that service to patient is their foremost responsibility, but this objective can be achieved only with the support of the patient and attendants.

1. To provide complete and accurate information regarding identity, address, contact numbers, past illness, medication history, life style and relevant questions raised by the clinician.
2. To visit hospital for reassessment as and when prescribed by the Doctor.
3. To take medicines strictly as per Doctors advice.
4. To follow Doctors advice regarding your dietary choice and life style routine.
5. Bring only very necessary items to the hospital, do not keep jewelry and valuables in the hospital.
6. To treat all hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.
7. To abide by the hospital rules and safety regulations.
8. To talk in low voice, to not cause inconvenience to other patients, attendants and visitors.
9. To do not visit hospital in large numbers, because crowding disturbs patients and spreads infection.
10. To not smoke, spread litter and spit tobacco, gutkha etc in the hospital and hospital premises.
11. To sign all consent papers only after properly, reading and understanding it.
12. To pay hospital charges promptly, because this helps in improving hospital services and patient care.
13. To follow Doctor’s advice about medications, precautions, and diet provided at the time of discharge, and to consult the Doctor during any health emergency.