Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Obstetrics mainly deals with taking care of pregnant women, unborn baby, labour, delivery as well as the immediate period following childbirth. When a woman is pregnant, many complications can arise which may require various medical procedures like Extra Uterine Pregnancy (ECTOPIC pregnancy), a condition where the embryo is in a fallopian tube, High-risk pregnancies including Pre-eclampsia, GDM, Gestation Hypertension, Foetal distress caused due to compression, Screening during pregnancy for medical conditions, high blood pressure and infections, Early pregnancy and its complications, Postpartum complication including medical and psychological problems.

Gynaecology deals with any condition related to the reproductive organs such as the uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina, and ovaries. It is a medical field associated with the science of reproduction system and involves different phases of a woman’s life like adolescence, reproduction, menopause and even beyond that.


S.NO High risk cases Sl.No. High risk cases Sl.No. High risk cases
1 Pre Eclampsia & Eclampsia 12 Multifocal pregnancy 23 Septic shock/ puerperial sepsis
2 Intra Uterine Growth retardation (IUGR) 13 Cervical incompetence 24 Anemia with pregnancy
3 Post Partum haemorrhage(PPH) 14 Previous uterine scar with pregnancy 25 Hypertension during pregnancy
4 Non-reassuring Fetal heart Tracing 15 Intrauterine fetal death 26 Heart disease with pregnancy
5 Premature rupture of membrane(PRM) 16 Polyhyramnios with pregnancy 27 jaundice with pregnancy
6 Ante partum haemorrhage 17 Elderly primigravida with pregnancy 28 Diabetes with pregnancy
7 Intrapartum haemorrhage 18 Grand multipara with pregnancy 29 Recurrent abortion
8 Post partum haemorrage 19 Rh-negative pregnancy 30 Abnormal presentation/ obstructed labor
9 Ectopic pregnancy 20 Post dated pregnancy 31 Rupture in uterus
10 Molar pregnancy 21 prolonged labor 32 Hand, feet, cord prolapsed
11 Placenta retained +30 mints 22 Renal disease (Pyelnephritis) 33 Psychiatric/ Epileptic/Thyroid disorder