Women’s Health

Obesity has a strong genetic component that comes from one generation to another, another cause is food availability, food addictions, certain medications and sedentary lifestyle often leads to obesity at an extensive rate. Obesity is one the biggest lifestyle disorder that the world is facing. Weight gain and obesity is related with many other metabolic syndromes like blood pressure, thyroid, elevated blood sugar and poor blood lipid profile. Many researches are being done to reach to the root cause of treating this weigh gain. Weight gain is also a result of food eating habits and behavior, and many people could not get control over it. Although, overeating is related to many genetics and hormones where people are simply disposed-off for gaining weight. Obesity raises the bar of higher risk of diabetes and coronary artery diseases in women.

Women facing obesity have a higher risk to develop PCOD cancers, lower back pain, knee pain. Obesity also affects the fertility in women. PCOD and obesity are quite related to each other. Increase in obesity result in PCOD which in return affects the women hormonal balances during reproductive age. Although the symptoms of PCOD vary with individual, few symptoms are menstrual irregularity, excess androgen, and polycisticovaries. Women who are overweight develops the chances of infertility. Obesity results in increased production of estrogen, this hormonal imbalance reacts with ovulation, which is the basis of conception. Obese women are less reactive to fertility drugs.

Then comes the danger of developing various cancers. As the relation between obesity and multiple cancers are very well established. In women it includes post-menopausal breast cancer, cancers of endometrium, cervix, cancers of liver, gallbladder and other blood cancers. Women should plan to kick off the sedentary lifestyle to deal the issue of obesity and shed off the Obesity related co morbidities.

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